Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom by Dr. Bill Ciancio

Bill Ciancio has been coaching basketball through five decades. His multi-faceted careers include teaching at the high school and colleges levels, coaching basketball along with football, baseball, softball, soccer and tennis. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery and started three dental offices in Hawaii on Oahu, Big Island and Maui.

His basketball coaching career began in earnest on the Big Island. He has coached in three western states and overseas on three different continents. Experience in action proved to be his best teacher. In his current book, 'Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom' he'll give you an adventurous glimpse into what makes a coach feel and operate like a classy professional in the world of sports.

Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom highlights his experiences both on and off the basketball court. After reading his book you will have insights into basketball as it relates to coaching and players. In Addition, you will be encouraged by his balanced approached to coaching and life.

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Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom