Your Private
Mood Sharing App

  moodmeNOW creates a private
    mood exchange environment
      moodmeNOW is a private, secure mood sharing application.
moodmeNOW instantly and accurately displays your present mood with only
those you chose.

You invite people you want to share your mood. They accept your invitation.
Then you can share your mood instantly and privately as often as you wish.


        moodmeNow allows you to share your mood with a significant other, a           friend or a group with your own write-in descriptions
under a general mood.
       The Flash Alert feature tells others within seconds that
your mood has changed.

      The Live Wallpaper feature acts as a screensaver
complete with 
controllable Fx sounds.

      You can set the Alarm feature to remind yourself to update
your mood for
that special someone.

mmN application can be downloaded at
Google Play    
iTunes Store          
                    SOON mmN on  


             moodmeNOW crosses platforms between
Apple (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Phone/Tablet) users!

     Share your mood with friends that have Android 4.0 operating systems or      
                        higher and friends with Apple's iOS versions 5.0 and above.
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