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1 Law 4 All


 The Novel 1 Law 4 All is an aggressive tale portraying the inner workings of a brutal, power hungry US Representative. This is a saga of revenge erupting from a catastrophic event in the life of a young Samoan girl. Kitiona Tuafa. She reluctantly leaves her home in American Samoa to find her family's killers. Her quest begins in the City of San Francisco whose exotic Senator has direct connections her father's factory. Eventually her and her new friends investigation uncovers a web of corruption that seeming has no end!

1 Law 4 All - Vegas


 1 Law 4 All - Vegas is the second novel in the 1 Law 4 All series. Vegas dives into the heart of political corruption in the American Southwest where a US Senator made millions in land speculation..Vegas dances from adventure to adventure beginning with a missing person's report - the mysterious disappearance of Mark's twin sister, Janelle. From American Samoa, Kitiona calls on her 1 Law 4 All Foundation pals to investigate.
Soon the 1 Law 4 All Foundation is confronted with factions from the American and Asian mobs and a Fast and Furious Mexican cartel. Together our story parleys the into a web of political deceit involving a US Senator

Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom


 In the book Coaching Basketball: Unboxed Wisdom author Bill Ciancio outlines how to develop your own coaching philosophy. In doing so, he details many of his mountain top experiences during his five decades coaching. He hopes that the details of these experiences help drive home the whys and hows of becoming an outstanding coach. His intention is to motivate the reader into unlocking the potentially fantastic coach hiding inside.

moodmeNOW application features


XPSS© is precision, cross-platform technology, simplifying the complex.

 XPSS© is precision, cross-platform technology, simplifying the complex. Now in production updates to include world-class comprehensive security and encryption protection technology.

Below is a list of XPSS© features

Identical visuals on Android, iOS and Facebook 
Screen Shots look the same (horizontal or vertical)
Screens rotate with device
Instant Flash Alerts - option
Voice, Text and Recorded Messaging
WiFi to WiFi - instant messaging
Optional Native Log in or email verifying new user log in
Invite friends via email, SMS text message or users within your app
Email and SMS messaging invite list draws from phone's contact list
In-app purchasing
Google Ads - optional
Native Contacts design that works
for both Android and iOS and supports the Cellular or WiFi device 

moodmeNOW mobile application

moodmeNOW creates a private mood exchange environment. 
      moodmeNOW is a private, se

moodmeNOW creates a private mood exchange environment powered with XPSS precision and security.
moodmeNOW is a private, secure mood sharing application. moodmeNOW instantly and accurately displays your present mood with only those you chose.
You invite people you want to share your mood. They accept your invitation. Then you can share your mood instantly and privately as often as you wish.
moodmeNow allows you to share your mood with a significant other, a           friend or a group with your own write-in descriptions under a general mood.
The Flash Alert feature tells others within seconds that your mood has changed.
The Live Wallpaper feature acts as a screensaver complete with controllable Fx sounds.
You can set the Alarm feature to remind yourself to update your mood for that special someone.
moodmeNOW updated application will be available SOON! 

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Our speaking engagements are limited. I specialize in the motivational aspects of coaching. My coaching experiences lend credibility that may help guide coaches and their players into multiple successful seasons.

PLEASE NOTE: My political opinions I'm sure are shared by many Americans. Motivations and research for writing my novels and blog come from the desire to speak out about unaddressed political corruption.

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